Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Niggapalooza Does It Again

I got hit 3 times tonight. Not by all of the giant bodyguard negroes that were there, no blonde, 6'0 tall, cheery white boys skipping down the aisles cups filled with beer a'plenty, thrilled beyond belief to be at the "Young Money Presents: America's Most Wanted Music Festival". MTV, Rollingstone and Spin covered tonight. Ticket counts are unbelievable. Rows and rows of happy go lucky Wayne Concert goers.

It looked like people were having a great time. We put a good show together. I was stressed but I suppose not as much as I have been before. I flushed it all out over the weekend. It's not over yet, but it should be getting smoother. Tomorrow is a day off and I have to spend the whole day finishing Peas stuff. I should try to get a good nights sleep.

OH YEAH, I had to go to the dentist today. So I get my crown covered, and get 2 teeth filled. Took me 3 shots to get numb. Retarded. I was annoyed, but entertained by the hot George Hamilton dentist who slightly peeved me out. I had no where to go but to listen to his advances which were so forward, I could have thrown up. But he could have been slightly cute and great to hang with had he not been so forward. I mean damn. I know my skin is chocolatey smooth but SHIT. Stop rubbing on me. Wowzers.

I must nap now. I have to break news.

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