Thursday, October 8, 2009

passive/aggressive and other great evils

I'm wondering when confrontation became a bad word. People don't like to be uncomfortable so instead they create a giant vortex of bullshit, smouldering to almost the breaking point. And at the breaking point the silence , the passive part, is so deadly you can fall apart on impact. A friend of mine once told me "niggas don't like to be told that they niggas all the time." Another friend told me, "my girl is my girl because she falls back. I'm no good, but whatever, I never have to hear it." For real? That's how we have to walk through life huh? Allowing motherfuckers to say and do anything they want and they don't get to be accountable? Awesome. There is no way that the God, the awesome God I believe in, could have possibly put me on this earth to endure some dumb ass shit. Its a Commandment people! "Do Unto Others as you would have then do unto you.". That's not cryptic, doesn't carry any idolatry message, no devil worship or Christian cult. Its good old fashioned common sense that clearly aint so common.

So to the fools in power, genre-wise, I ask just one thing of you...please...
.STEP YOUR DICK UP! (And yes. Its a challenge you limp dicke mutheafucks).

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