Monday, October 5, 2009

Balls the Size of Adelaide

1. old friend who popped into my life as an inspiring vessel disappears off the planet and doesn't speak to me or even say, "i gotta disappear" and hopes that my surgery went well....all on Facebook. Isn't that equivalent to breaking up with someone on a post-it?

2. Just realized that douche-oldie-but-goodie came to my hotel bar and had me come downstairs and was with his ex...

3. people not realizing that the Peas are actually a black group and walk around using the word "nigger" like it's all good.

4. Ari Gold's wife investing all of the money into his career.

5. My French girlfriend who does the same thing for her Frenchy pompous bossy husband.

6. Stylists who keep us at an impasse because she refuses to have a 5 hour lay over.

7. Australians.

8. The music industry

9. 24 year olds who date every 35 and over woman on Twitter

10. And know who you are.

1 comment:

  1. best post ever. the balls of some people... always astonishes me.