Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Last Dance.....

Last chance for loooove.....
yes it's our last dance....romance....tooo niiiiight

I love the last day of tour.
Wine tasting on the lovely Waiheke Isle.
Spending all the money you didn't spend while on tour on cheesy gifts - Koala Bears, kangaroo stamps.

Stupid dumb fun.

And then there's the receipts.

I fricken hate doing receipts. Except once you actually do them, you wonder why you procrastinated so much in the first place. They are not such a big deal. But whatevs.

Tonights show will be great. Despite the ignoramous Kiwi who told me how stupid Americans were and how we didn't think for ourselves and shit because I didn't want to do a wine tour with him. I thought I was going to get arrested. Fucker.

It's time to set up the pranks.

Will let you know soon.

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