Friday, October 2, 2009


I can't decide if they are cute or butt ass ugly.
The women are really frail and have crazy teeth and then some of the women are JUICY , like Shyree, the stewardess on the plane today. JUI-CY.
Then all of the dates of the men here....frail - like with skeleton features with blonde hair and no lips but lots of red lipstick on their...I dunno what you call that place below your nose and above your chin if you have no lips.

And then the men are fine with weathered skin. But I can't tell if they are gay or not.

I must go out and investigate tonight. Or maybe I shouldn't. Maybe my sick ass should go to bed and avoid the crowds until tomorrow night....hmmmm.

But the party is at a CASINO!!! You know how I love casinos.

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