Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm soooo tired

Of having to be a Nationalist when I leave the country. But mostly, I am tired of light-skinned dark-skinned issues. My goodness. Tis true, African Americans ARE the only niggas that fought. Us and Algeria and, well yeah Haiti. Thing is, niggas be trying to hard not to be niggas. It's like America 1954 here. They have perms but Garnier Fructis for their hair. Like, huh? No grease. No oil. No nothing. They call my friends daughter "witch" when she wears her hair out and big. Like apply shame to all things black....and then these Portuguese light-skinned muthafuckas walk all over them on the resort and they want to look at US like we're crazy. Like the conscious niggas name is "Sambo". You know, like the 80's. Black consciousness is here but niggas still wearing jheri curls. Don't let me learn Portuguese. Im going to set up a box in the middle of the town square and start the Black Israelites. It's on.

1 comment:

  1. Girl! I know what you mean. I experienced that in Senegal. The chicks not only had Barbie's hair, blue contacts, and used skin lightener to epidemic proportions, but had the nerve to tsk, laugh, and point at my nappy lil' fro. Judging by all 1950's "all american" billboards still present, colonialism is 2 inches from folks faces and, all up in their heads.