Friday, October 8, 2010

Terca Praia

We actually by the 4th beach. Far by any stretch of the imagination. It wasn't a farwalk from the main street, it was mad dark though. Mad Dark. Too dark for some foreigners to be walking through if you ask me. But maybe my age is making me more cautious. I hate that. Particularly since i've hiktch hiked through France before and, personally? White folks ain't no less scary than 3rd world folk.

In other news, there's no shortage of fine men, big booties, or coconuts.
We'll check waves in the morning.

My girl has lived here for 6 years with her husband and beautiful children. She has 4 . Detroit and Guadalupe met up one day in Brooklyn and decided to move to Bahia. Not just Bahia, Salvador. Not just Salvador but an island off the coast called Morro do Sao Paulo. And when I say beautiful, imma need you to look past Palm Springs, Poconos , I'd even be inclined to say look past Hawaii...yeah I said it. The mélange of these people is beyond. Andy it's peaceful, tranquil, I'm surfing at 930am with a 10 year old born in Brooklyn but speaks Portuguese ("everyone does" she told me at dinner.)

My soul is happy. This would be a great place to conceive......or whore. The stars are bright enough.

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