Saturday, October 16, 2010

This tour can only go up

Yesterday, so tired of arguing with people who are trying to get over it's unbelievable. This was not the blessed and relaxing Brazil of a mere week ago. No, this is dirty gutter ass promoter driven cuts and folks -playing -stupid Brazil. People relying on "but it's Brazil, please, we are gentle and not used to yelling.". Fuck outta here Portuguese. Yawl was yelling at them 1000 indigenous tribes you pushed back into the Amazon. Let's ask the Kayupo how gentle you are...
But once again, I digress.

However, as my Savior does when the going gets tough, he sends a dove... A sign of peace that let's us know everything is alright.

And voilĂ ...the annoying promoter prod manager has an assistant who happens to be (after Sambo) the 2nd finest man vie ever seen in my life. Whew. A delicious shade of Brazilian I might add. Dark features, black beard, hair, eyes, skin my color. Swarthy oh yes he is indeed. I do likes em dirty.

He gon' make me wear make up to work. Hmph.

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