Monday, October 25, 2010


I've come to the conclusion that Farmville = no Blogging. Farmville is indeed the devil.

In the midst of the last week, I have been getting over the heartbreak of leaving Salvador. The last night we went to Bale Folklorico...which, I believe is the first show/dance/ musical I intend on producing in the US. It's just too filled with beauty and wonderment. I know enough niggas with when you see it in Cleveland, remember when......

The other deal is that I've been the midst of throwing a birthday party for my favorite rapper Boo. How does one pull off throwing a party in Miami from South America??? I don't know...but I did and it's got me feeling myself a slight bit. Which doesn't help.

I'm telling you...the combination between feeling yourself (high self esteem) and Brasil (whore men) it's hard for a girl to stay professional. Also, I'm quite at the point where I do not want to stay professional. There's a 10 minute rule here. You speak to a boy longer than 10 minutes he's going in for the kill. And you really have to stick and move. One minute you're talking Bossa Nova and independence from Portugal and the next thing you know there's a tongue down your throat. And don't think it's because it's in a dark room, etc....oh no. The clubs ain't even dark here. it's all about PDA in this piece. The lobby.....the hallway , the bar.....just about any where.

Going to dee Giant Jesus....and hopefully make out while there. I'm trying to set a record.

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