Friday, March 25, 2011

Change is constant

This month has been a whirlwind, and with all of the confidentiality agreements I've signed, I can't begin to maneuver a way to type....well....anything.

I know that my tendency to be reactionary blew up in my face....leading me down the peaceful, humbling, and ever needed road of "Begging". Never knew how important begging was and fighting for something was until I couldn't do without it. Whoa. On the other side of vulnerable and it turns out, you don't necessarily feel played every minute of the day like I thought you would. Turns out, it gives you strength....strength I needed to store up on since my role model left the earth...opening night. I did four more shows after hearing the news the my daddy, the reason the bar is set so incredibly high , passed away. Quickly, in His chair, no pain, quietly and dignified which are his trademarks. Quiet, dignified, honorable gentleman. That's Joe Farris. Can you imagine how different the world would be if those were the characteristics we looked for in a mate VS height and credit score? Joe Farris was the complete package. He could build houses single-handedly and inspect the work himself, get it passed by city inspectors, no problem. He built my first computer. Yes, I said "built". In fact he made all of our first computers...and the desks they sat upon. Always stood up when a lady entered or left the room. Generous...offered whatever he had and suggested "no's" when it couldn't be done or not wise to do so. Ahh...and wise. So wise and knowledgeable about the world, maps, logistics, and the people of the world and what their purpose is.
My papa lived a full life....and as his stoic wife told me, "it was his time. We were blessed. It never got to a point where he couldn't dress himself, etc....he experienced true quality of life.". We're all pretty shocked...of course. Our foundation has been rattled. This one is rough. It's going to take a minute. This is the grandkids first one.....and I'm the babies....

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