Friday, April 27, 2012

FOXXHOLE and ZO Williams _ Bitch Craft

This was the first time I've even listened to this talk show.  And I have to say I am impressed that there is dialogue happening in this setting.  Impressed and surprised.  I'm so proud of these young folks...I sound like a grandma...we have such access.  I am excited about the attempt to have positive dialogue.

The conversation though....left a little less than desired.  I wish there were more representations of women in was kind of beating the obvious dead horse.  Would be nice to have less commercial interruptions so that folks can complete a thought.  It's a bit rushed and I believe it's a longer conversation than what was allotted but a great start.  The woman studies student should have been on the SHOW...what was her name "Charisma".  Yes...on name alone.  She was speaking truths though.

The topic?  Why women are such bitches.  Yet another discussion about women being too bitchy and the fall of gender roles due to the feminist movement.  Zzzzzzzz.  Everytime I hear a man say that it's like hearing the term "reverse racism".  Like..."see if yawl didn't want so much freedom I'd open the door for you!" [enter shuck and jive].  Get the fuck out of here.  I'm going to punish you for your ambition?  I should have called in.  The dynamic is so very Toussaint L'Overture....  Yawl niggas wanna fight back?  Cool.  I'll put a gate up between you and the other folks on the same land and create poverty and despair to your people.  A pox on you for wanting freedom!"  Thus goes the male story of women and power and their obvious lack of it.  Please.  I IMPLORE YOU....BE POWERFUL.  Take it.  TAKE IT....I digress.  So annoying.   I have a multitude to say about that...
However thank you Jamie Foxx for providing a space to talk and thank you Zo Williams for your bravery and follow through.  Sirius 98.

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