Monday, April 23, 2012

MADEA GETS A JOB's no secret to my Boughetto homies that I am a fan of Tyler Perry.  Like my boy says, unless you hiring more black folks than Lil Wayne or Tyler Perry, shut the fuck up.  I had a perfect seat thanks to the keyboardist and homie, star treatment thanks to my former security -turned-tour manager, Terrill, and even enjoyed a delicious salad and water for $13 in my seat.  I love the theater.  I didn't realize Tyler Perry would actually be there.  Duh.  Who else would play Madea?  But I just realized it.  And it was amaze-balls.  It was guud and terrble.  Like it required a whole nother act that was missing.  Madea always has great lessons and spirituality.  And then during the curtain call, all came out in their newly fluffed front laces, black sparkly gowns, Tyler Perry out of drag, and rolled the band out for a 20 minute set of Tyler's favorite songs with high notes in them.  Sadly there was no playbill in that sold out Nokia Theater...which was a disservice for theater goers everywhere!  Oh...did I mention he had two IMAG screens up in which he showed the Tyler Perry Home Theater collection as well as his trailer for his summer hit...Madea Undercover....or some shit where she starts working for the CIA.  Love his marketing of himself, Jesus, and Cheryl Pepsi Riley!  Long Live Tyler Perry!

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