Friday, June 1, 2012


Sitting in this old haunted ass piano bar at Le Metropole Hotel ...mad ghosts floating around...Albert Einstein, Madame Currie and 3rd Negroni  (somehow I always drink bitters when I speak French)....and I'm making a budget but entertaining myself at the same time by playing Michael McDonald....and I discover that I'm slightly in love with Louis Johnson.  One because I'm a fricken bass groupie whore....can't get enough of a bass lick thanks to the brothers FARRIS - Darryl and Troy - my uncles and subsequently my favorite men in the world....anyway, I have a hankerin for a bass slap.  The reason I'm even in this business is because I was a stone cold groupie for Leonard Hubbard.  It's true.  I'll admit it.  I ain't scared.  But Louis lays it on ya.  I wish there was some footage of him playing this...but alas it was a studio joint and he had is own group The Brothers Johnson to get back to and ...oh yeah...making history and shit on a little album we ALL bought....per yeah...I got in on repeat....about the 10th time.  I haven't told Macy's bass player yet that I'm such a groupie...but I see you Michael Torres.  I don't want to scare them too soon.

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