Wednesday, June 20, 2012


The inevitable I eat or do I have a life?  I made space for a life and it gave me a surprise that I hadn't intended.  It's  a big birthday year for me and I haven't started a while in the stages of making space...someone started a family without me.  Ha.  See how the jokes always on you when you think you planning something that God may or may not have in store for you?  So....while life goes on, I am having these unnerving emotions that I am not accustomed to having.  Jealousy is not my forte and it rather sucks. But it is what it is and I feel what I feel. I get a lot of young fabulous women who want to start in this business and I want to tell them the truth and at the same time encourage them.  Truth is....there's nothing encouraging about being a tour manager.  There's no 401 K, no insurance package...and mainly you give up the fun part of your life to someone else entirely.  Then you wake up old as shit like...whoops! My bad.  Let me get on that family shit.  Then....what the hell do you know about creating a family....all you know how to do is hit and run.  But man my passport is FAT!  ooh weeee. Bonus.

And here we are.....funny, we try so hard to get into male dominated businesses to flip off our middle fingers and let them know they can't get the best of us...and then BOOYOW! Wrong again.

ew. this was not supposed to be such a depressing entry.  Actually my play sister and her WIFE are preggers and I was inspired to write about them and introduce their blog.  tres of them claims to be less femme than the other but I don't know how that works for them...ha.  I don't know the difference so I cannot say.  I CAN say, however, that my niece is going to be super fly and I am going to call her Tina even if no one else does.  Check out MORE THAN A RAINBOW  I find the perspective of the "butch" preggo chick new and promising.  Not ever heard from.  Love it.  Love them!  Love my niece.

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