Sunday, June 3, 2012


The show in Brussels I thought was cool.  I love Ancienne Belgique and I love the Belgian crowd.  In fact Brussels cracks off.  Funny thing is my body has been lethargic since I arrived.  And this time I was ready to go to the hospital.  However it was just my 2nd show and I just don't feel right missing it.  I was pale, the band was telling me to go , the promoter had a car ready for me...and yet...I couldn't peel myself away from the sound board.  So I agreed to sleep on it and go the next morning.

As luck would have it, my girl Rebecca Pietri - owner of hommepourfemme is out on the road with Jay Z as is Renelou Padora with what's a girl to do when she's only 80 minutes by train from Gare de Nord....Paris.....I tell you what, she grabs her artist and gets the fuck on the train (shot out to Thalys my Amtrak away from home).

It was hollywood up in that I believe all Paris shows are.  So hip hop.  So Adrian Brody, Adam Levine, Stephen Hill, models, producers, ME...I dunno.  Kanye stopped by and kissed Macy on the way to the stage.  The VIP is practically ON the stage.  It was a royal battle.  Just when I thought Kanye crushed Jay , Jay came back with something so classic it shut me the fuck up.  It was wonderful.

Stay cool with heads of security and tour managers.  They always have the most power.

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