Monday, April 11, 2011

Meet Me in St. Louis

Outside of my window is the lovely arch and the baseball field where the Cardinals play. Too bad they have an away game. this stadium has really good nose bleed seats and beer. Too bad I can't have beer for another 2 weeks. Lent. Be killing me. I've done a not so good job. I've slipped 3 times in both the pork and beer departments but I'm trying. I need a regiment of some sort. NEED it. Being around all of these young dancer girls is making me, Tina Farris, cover up! COVER UP?! I never thought the day would come....nor did I think I'd be in my late thirties. Ha. Oh it comes Ladies. Sooner than later.

Spring has actually sprung on this tour and I have to send back at least one suitcase. All of my clothes are for warm weather. I have to go shopping today and...well....not for nothing....but I'm in St. Louis. Is this a fashion metropolis or should I be overnighting some shit on line? It's hard to have a day off. You try to do out, go shopping, do a photo shoot, get your hair braided, blah blah blah. And ....well, you know what I gotta do tonight. CASINO..BONG. St. Louis I know whatchu good for baby....I know! I'm going in.

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  1. watch out those casinos will getcha!! awe, you're so close I can almost touch you!!! love you!