Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No More King Of Diamonds

I like my strip clubs just like the next latent homo, but this place gave me the heebie jeebeez. I know it's popular. I know these things. I know it's what rap dreams are made of. But I got straight bougie up in there. I didn't want nasty McNasty to serve me a drink. And the girls were lazy as fuck! Especially the ones in our section. Like, I need to see some cellulite ROLLING...or something all the while there was rainmaking a' poppin. There had to have been 30,000 $1 bills floating through the sky. In fact, I went home to shower off the scum of the strip club and found 2 $1 bills in my bra! That was for just standing there too...I wonder what I could do had I actually not had on a turtle neck?

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