Thursday, April 28, 2011

Step your dick up

I like Porcelain Black. She's creamy. I like creamy white her and Katy Perry and Sasha Grey. If you're going to be white you should be creamy.

I like new artists. And rising ones. Once you're at the top it's kind of boring where do you go from here? Okay okay let's perform at the Superbowl! And then you do that and what's next? I know, the PYRAMIDS! Yes the dope shit. I guess I'm just not a glass ceiling kind of girl and neither are the women I've been working with the past few months.

That's been the illest shit about this tour. Being around folks that make you step your dick up. Of course you see all the weakest mother fuckers...well, wait, niggas who didn't appear weak showed their weak was revealed I should say. Man. I can't have yet another malebashing blog...but I be wondering. Dang. I mean dang. But there were white abolishinists who helped free slaves , so too must their be boys who help out women. Thank God for the few and the proud.

Thank God this shit is over and these talented women are rising to the forefront.

Summer tour's a'warmin up!

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