Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall family Day

I went to my nieces school today. A beautiful school nestled in the lovely, extravagant, wonderfully appointed neighborhood of Short Hills, NJ. If I could transplant Northern California to the East Coast, it would be South Orange, NJ and it's surrounding areas. I have had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful same sex family (pc) and many lovely mothers who all have ideas of who to hook me up with. They have different view points worth listening to. But I gotta tell ya....screaming kids ain't my thing. Talking back ain't my thing. Making your entire life about the child...turns out, may not actually be my thing. Lord knows I'm ready for the next sector of my life...would love to say...yes, this is the most important thing in my life...but I don't know. The incessant talk about not having time to yourself..ever. Or maybe the right idea is to wait late as possible. All I know is instead of being more encouraged, I'm more doubtful than ever before. Doubt is a beast.

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