Sunday, October 30, 2011

Remember 1 Night Stands???

Those were crazy right? Like, I remember clearly, I think, and then..POOF...they've come and gone. Surely I cannot be old enough to not have those. I mean they were good right? Casual, compartmentalized and dirty...or not so dirty. I don't know, depends on how you roll. But now I feel like I have a sticker on my back ...."no 1 night stands here"....ummm why? Moreover, who cares? I mean you can care, but it can't be all's usually better out of the country anyway. There are set boundaries....oceans for one. Land mass. Flights. Etcetera. But now with the internet and fricken FACEBOOK, those once nameless distant memories are in your inbox. Is it an age thing or a 2011 thing. Like are One Night Stands sooooo 2010? What did I miss out on?

Guys, don't forget the 7 top rules:

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