Thursday, December 8, 2011

Old Bitches Need They Money Too

I'd like to stay awhile and study the red light district. How is the Commerce set up? Like is it divided by race? Class? Countries? Would there be an Eastern European Row? Africa Aisle? Orient Alley? Palestinean Passageways? I was trying to study this last evening and yet not look them in their eyes. Sometimes I'm good in the Red Light, other times, I'm grossed out and hellsa uncomfortable. Last night I was somewhere in between. Wednesday night! The night that the hot girls must be off because I gotta tell ya....I wasn't afraid to look in the cute girls eyes...but the grandmas and Aunt Eloise were shockingly grave. Even the sex show tonight didn't have it's normal spark. It's like Caesars in Atlantic City. Drab faces, coming to work, work, leave. Sexy was left at the marquis. It's bad enough they bring their purse up on stage. I know it houses all of their tricks, but it takes away from the stage presence no? Further? wheres the Lysol? Who's wiping down that pole? What in the hell is underneath this pew?
Okay, I may be getting too old for Amsterdam. Or I'm still high.

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  1. yep, it is somewhat set up like that. there's an african part etc.