Sunday, December 4, 2011


The last time I was at the K West , Deebs and I were hanging with Amy Winehouse and dude....Blaine right? Anyway, our promoter is Amy's manager. It was a great show yet melancholic when seeing him that first time. He no doubt brought us buckets of champagne to thank us for the evening. Braxton showed off. 4100 people. A place that's impossible to get to front of house. You would need a security guard. They don't mark off the floor and have people stay in the middle to provide a walkway. I'm not sure why. Thats some hood shit.

This time the K West lobby housed sir Bobby Womack with his girlboy. Beautiful Girl, just needs a little refinement....take some of that boy out her. Anyway, Womack was talking shit about smoking weed on tour throughout the world. Something we all benefited from.

The other Thing i remembered about the K West was the influx of international business men that one may find in the bar. So, a Spaniard, a Greek Australian, and a Sri Lankan American dude from Oakland walk into the bar. They sit next to me inspite of my bevy of black musicians who surrounded me. I figured, these boys are game. The Spaniard was type, silver haired, and spoke slow rolling English. I said a curse word and think I ruined that one, plus he wasn't quick to the buy the drinks. He just kept asking why there were no women with me. Motherfucker asked too many questions if ya ask me. Then there was the tall Greek Australian. He was married so counted him out. He asked a lot of questions too. There was then the short cute, young Sri Lankan from Oakland who spoke slightly like E 40. Thank Goodness he was Sri Lankan. Oakland in London may be special but lacked originality for this Californian girl, last person I want to hook up with in a foreign country is someone I can run into at a bar when everyone goes home for the holidays.

Turns out K West only allows residents to order drinks towards the end of the night. I became popular real quick.

Sri Lanka was relentless. Nice to know an old gal still got it.

I kick him out early however and go to the weed room. Girlboy knocks on the door and joins the smoke circle. She regaled us withna tory about how her man master threw a glass at her and she had to dot him. " you knocked Bobby Womack out?" funny but she killed the mood. No orgies forthcoming with THAT one. I mean really, who knocks an old drunk high man out?

Moving right along....
I've started a work out regiment since my arrival. My trainer thinks im a narcissistic ego maniac, i think he is a sadisical tyrrant who has a crush on me and hence is trying to murder me. Let's see what these 2 weeks do to my ass.

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