Thursday, December 8, 2011


mmmm, this is truly, as we know, one of my favorite cities in the world. The promise of love and/or wild passionate events seems available on every corner. Seriously. I went to see Ayo and Imany. So much talent in France. I would love to sit here and work with a few artists on a few ways to execute. Meanwhile, as we all attract a certain type, I've attracted yet another handsome musician. Silver and black hair - a plus. Morroccan, barely any English, all the things that make me smile. Comes time to give me a ride home and would you believe there are not one but TWO car seats in his turned backwards because, well, there is obviously a new baby.

"Dude, serioux?"
"please, permittez-moi expliquer"
"Child, s'il te plait. Il n'est pas necessaire pour expliquer. You's a nigga that's all. I know your kind well. Rue Bagnolet please."

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