Friday, December 2, 2011

Occupy Dis P#$^y

I think Iggy Azalea should write a song about "Occupying dis....." Occupy dis and Occupy dat. Since there is so much occupying going on these days. I'm in the UK occupying space on this tour. All men on this tour. All black men in fact....maybe 2 white guys who have been around for ages. But we continuously have these town hall meetings , last night in my room, on the state of black america. One of the guys is so gung ho "African American" and was annoyed that some of us used the word black to identify ourselves. It's cool cause I was annoyed he used African American...especially over here where it doesn't play out to be the most accurate statement. We went on to how much longer it was going to take us to get out from the shackles of slavery. This we all said while puffing blunts in my suite, in Manchester. I turned on my ipod using the provided bose system to Jimi Hendrix because i knew this convo was going to be long. "WHy it's going to take us at least half the time of slavery to break from the bondage, just like it takes a woman half the time she was in a relationship to get over it". Seriously? One of them said this while adjusting his Montcler puffy coat. Its freezing after all here in Manchester. "And we need to advise our children of the past so they know what they are looking at in the future". I told them entitled priviledged negros to get out of my room and take their montclers, dutch masters, Ipods, Ipads and other 1% shit and keep it pushing.

300 years of slavery.

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  1. ...@Goodtimegirl,
    That was too funny. Good to know that you didn't lose any sleep.