Friday, December 9, 2011


Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and I have 2 outfits. The Halston or the Marco Marco. I think I want to go with the Marco Marco. I only wore it for Christmas 2 years ago. And it does not need ironing. And it's black and sparkly. Decisions decisions.

Amsterdam kicked my ass and I didn't even smoke that much. I think that's just it, I can't smoke that much. All I want to do is lay in this bed and read a book. Research new clients. Research paint techniques for my new crib. And then nothing. I have a lovely view from my 32nd floor window of Oslo, there's a bridge from this hotel directly to the venue, and there's some bar lounge thingy on the 34th floor. It's safe to say I ain't goin no where. Not to mention, it's fucking 18 degrees here. Fuck. That. Shit.

And another thing, why did I say I wanted to go to Paris after this? 2 weeks is the perfect amount of time to tour. That is plenty. I'm ready to come home.

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