Tuesday, February 7, 2012


My bus driver is a chain smoker.  I've been on the bus once this entire time.  Tomorrows the last bus ride.  We almost caught a train but the last one left at 11 somethin'.   That would have been bomb to travel overnight through Switzerland.  I wish there was some food though.  I'm hungry.  And I know good and damn well there is no where to stop.  Sigh.  I will go to sleep hungry.  No one needs to eat this late no way.  That damn Chris Dave is the truth.  Seriously.  He's so on and in the pocket.  Our rhythm section is hot.  "Another Life" is arranged so beautifully.  And Pino tears it up start to finish.  Sucks I only have 1 more show.    I swear after I rest a bit - as we are all on fumes - I'll actually write something.

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  1. Europe appreciates you guys! So good to finally have D'Angelo back! The band were on point! I was greedy and had to see them on both nights in Brixton. I'm sure you're all exhausted, but Thank you for your hard work! Another Life is MY song...got the backing vocal moves down to the 'T'! lol
    Make sure ya'll come back soon :)