Thursday, February 2, 2012

Douchebags Anonymous

Dearest Douchebag Buster,

How does one decipher and breakdown a Douchebag?  ---

Douchebags are fairly easy to identify.  They usually have absolutely no affiliation with the group they are harboring and like to use fast talk to chime their way into the situation - i.e. backstage, breakfast, dressing rooms.  They come fully equipped with hot girls, usually with camera phones, some sort of quasi necklace/choker that went out with the term "MetroSexual", slightly ambiguously gay, and always have a penchant for knowing just about everything.  Oh and they chew gum a lot.
EVERYONE but EVERYONE is their "boy".  And they like to flash the dollars.  They point out specifics that only Douchebags would notice because they are always vying for a spot...anyones.  They play the Art of War pretty damn good with one exception.  They actually believe their hype.  They are habitual LIARS.  They believe they are smarter than everyone in the room.  This makes them treacherous.  As for the Douchebag in our group?  I'm coming for you.....


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  2. Pretty Cool, Thank you for the tips Miss T :D (thumbs up for the post)

  3. *Tina rolls eyes; applies lip gloss; puts on "de-douchebagging" gloves.*

    1. ooooh....I DO have some gloves like that I think.

  4. Dang...I'm glad you're on My team. Wow....