Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I normally get mad at the border. but this time....it wasn't racial profiling, it's just that niggas be doing dumb shit. Like I always say, "jail is filled with niggas who 'only did' this . Or 'all I did was' that." It's fucking ridiculous. I say don't try no dumb shit, and what do they do, walk the dumbshit to the customs counter. Then, "niggas" have the nerve to get mad when the officer starts roasting. "aww, if he didn't have that badge and that gun I wonder how he would act." "He can't see me." Really niggas? I am so fucking embarrassed I WANTED them to turn us away at the border. But they didn't. And it sucks cuz 'niggas' will think they got away with it or, all it was was a slap in the wrist. And then they don't learn. Meanwhile, I have friends and family stuck in jail on some for real racist shit and can't move because of dumb niggas.

I don't know what's worse. Douchie white boy or dumb nigga shit. I'm still not sure which one hurts the most though. I think my racism against both races basically neutralizes it. So fuck it. I'm not racist no more. I hate niggas and white folks equally and I love them equally. I feel so paul McCartney/Michael Jackson right now its....well, it's corny.

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