Saturday, August 1, 2009


I've been sitting on the BQE for an hour coming from the Verrazzano Bridge. I knew this would happen. I bet everyone 230pm arrival. They said..."oh no, Long Island ain't that far."

So I did what any normal person would do, made the the driver turn on DJ Quik's , "Can I Eat it?" It's inspiring.
My sister is coming to tonight's show, amazing.
My girl Amy.
My girl Tanya.

And tomorrow we'll chill and watch Lynard Skinnard and Bobbie. I've never been to a country and western hick party before. I'm ready to rock my poom pooms. I was looking for a confederate bikini but to no avail I hope the weather holds up. It's beautiful on the Long Island Expressway right now. 85 degrees and bumper to bumper. We'll get there one day. But at least DJ Quik will see us through.

And now I have to face the fact that Drake may not be coming back to tour. The reason for todays depressive episode. Aside from him being a cutey patootey, I so believe in him, his growth and progress in his career, I hate the breaks. Working for the Roots you learn one thing, niggas get good because they work all the time. Show after show makes practice perfect. He's getting better and better. Most rappers can't use a microphone these days to emit their voices let alone tell a story and capture their audience. You never know how good they are because you can't hear them!
But Drake....oh well. I'm done. I must be strong. I'm fasting until he's better. Which I hope is soon. Cuz i'm gettin' HONGRY!

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