Friday, August 21, 2009

one day on ICHAT between managers.....

T: whatcha doin?
S: finalizing this - Hennessey deal via email then goin to watch TV and rest my brain
u like Hennessey??

T: naw
i don't drink nigga drinks
no nigga drinks for me
but if you get a Ketel One deal....then......

S: how can u put Henny in the same sentence as fuckin Hypnotiq??

T: just cuz yawl uppity niggas don't mean it ain't a nigga drink
Hypnotiq was made for niggaz....hence the "q"

S: lol

T: its all "yac"

S: Niggas discovered Henny by mistake. Some niggas like they yac with koolaid

T: lol

S: Henny is like Timberland
like Ralph Lauren
Like POLO!
"if y'all niggaz gonna buy it...oh well, but it wasnt made for y'all"

T: but Rakim sells it....I thought it was for niggas exclusively

S: nah.....henny is a top shelf cognac

T: okay

S: Remy is too.

S: niggaz just fucked it up by putting it in records and videos and shit

T: Back when I was a nigga I used to drink Courvoisier . But only cuz it was French

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  1. funniest shit ever @T: Back when I was a nigga I used to drink Courvoisier. But only cuz it was French