Saturday, August 29, 2009

Foolish Heart

The radio was turned to the classic rock station when I came back to my hotel. Conrad Indianapolis is lovely. And I immediately was set in a mood. A hot classic rock mood. I love classic rock. When did that happen? I don't know. I know my ex used to listen to it all the time, but since I knew all of the words, I had to have listened to them sooner. And now this. Now i'm in a Steve Perry vortex that I cannot get out of. I bought the whole damn album. "Oh Sherrie", "Foolish Heart", "When You're In Love", when did I become a middle-aged white woman? What the fuck?

Meanwhile, back at the Lil Wayne ranch, my kids are doing great. Stepping so far up to the plate and reaching beyond my expectations - well, reaching my expectations. I got high expectations. They are now teaching my newbie. And they are running this and giving me enough breathing room to be able to attack my other job....the drama filled one with the prick ass PM. IS that like the criteria of PMing is to be a ginormous cum-sucking prick? I'm looking on and I don't see that listed in the job description, but lo and behold. As Biggie would say, "here's another one......and another one."

Shit, I should have bought Journey's Greatest Hits. Just Steve Perry is kinda sucky.

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