Friday, August 28, 2009

I Got Jacked for Bus Stock

As if getting thrown under the bus by the new PM wasn't enough, as if being suspected of scalping wasn't enough, as if stopping a nigga from beating a females ass by throwing him in jail wasn't enough, this nigga from...let's just say the "parent company" bus, jacked me for my bus stock.

We order bus food for our long rides for our 4 buses. That does not include 5. And the thought of niggas and their silver ass platinum whatever teeth gleaming into my car and across my General Tsao's chicken talking about , "well can the big bank get some food? Oh, Big Money can't eat. What we gon' tell him then?" It was a horrible shake down. Over some fucking chicken broccoli.

I'm beyond being sick of misogyny. Misogyny ought to pay me for being his publicist since I out half of it's crew. More than half. What the fuck, man? I'm even tired of hearing myself talk about it, and yet, it comes up over and over and over again. Whether its a fat fuck of a played out ass production manager regaling motherfuckers with stories of "when i was with...... What the fuck....

Or niggas telling females on my bus "well, you shouldn't really use the word attack if nothing physical happened. I think you guys are overreacting. Or really? I didn't ask you what you thought i asked you to protect me. So much for that expectation.

Oh, and my top favorite. Turns out, between tour managing the number 1 tour of the summer and the number 1 band on the charts for 20 weeks, i've added ticket scalping to my busy busy schedule. Tha fuck outta here!

Ever have those weeks where it all hits you at once? And what do i do? I'm so tired. I'm so tired of fighting. They need to come up with a new word for fighting I'm so tired of it.

But God msust be setting me up for something else. not sure what it is or what it encompasses but I will wait. Studiosly, patiently, happily. Wait.


  1. I hate to say it but I am gonna put it out there in very unpolitical terms.. stop traveling with "negros" general market general market.

  2. sheeet, the general market mu'uh fuckas is the ones tryna stab me in the back. At least niggas is consistent with niggatry.