Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Happy New Year. I'm so late....So much has happened. So much learned. So much not. What I have found is that scrubs are the best thing on the planet. No, not deadbeat ass niggas from TLC songs...I mean body scrubs. My skin is one of my best qualities. So today was skin day. I ate an ample plate of salmon sashimi....very fatty. Omega 3. Wonder why THIS black don't crack? I'm a sushi fanatic and the fattier the salmon the better.
Then we get to the scrub action. If you can't go to a Korean Spa and get the black ass skin scrubbed to the meat....and I mean to the meat.

There are 2 scrubs that I'm in love with:
Tade Hammam Black Soap.

I found this soap for the first time in Ramatuelle, France. A small village built within the hills overlooking St. Tropez. It smells like....I'm not sure. It seems like you aren't supposed to like the smell but then you do. It's not granulated like sugar and salt scrubs, it's very soft. It leaves your skin to die for smooth. Mmmph. Love it. Oh...and I believe it's only sold in New London Pharmacy Chelsea in NYC. Online.
the bath mit is brilliant too. Also not abrasive and perfectly good. Also

The next is Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub. coconut. The ingredients in that you can probably cook with. There is no need for lotion after scrubbing yourself down. It's .....pure heaven in your bathtub/shower. This you can buy on

All of this is some supreme good loving for yourself. Let me know how it worked!

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