Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Postponed show means....NIGHT OFF.
Unfortunately, I once again took on the role of Pied Fricken Piper.  Everyone gotta follow me all the gotdamn time.  Shit.  Taking me all off of my "Day Off" picture in my head.  First thing was we jumped onto the 5 tram....which is good because apparently there is only a conductor and you can ride on it for free.  THEN it all of a sudden turned into the Harvard Train and the Social Network.  We met these Frat guys who gave of a tour of the city as we walked towards the Red Light district.  Wasn't a problem since their Frat house was on the way.  I have no idea what Fraternity, only that they were going hard and dancing.
"This is how we mothafuckin' do, yo!"  They said....ha.
He showed us the Grand Palace, told us the history of the Dutch and how rich they were and who they owned.  I chimed in "like South Africa".....
"yes," he said, "that's when we had the slave trade"
"more than had, you started the motherfucker off" I quipped.
"Yes, but that was THEN.  I didn't know those people!"  -- he recovered right on time.  We had a laugh.  I've never had a discussion with the Dutch about the slave trade....interesting.

We said our goodbyes and continued through the Red Light District.  However, we quickly had to duck into a Sex show...mostly cuz it was cold as fuck. 

This one was newer than the last....Cossa Nossa or something like that.  They boasted of an enormous-dicked black man by the name of "Donkey".  This we HAD to see.

I think I explained before that the sec shows are ongoing with different acts.  My girl had never seen any of this so she was game.  My boy was bored and quickly went to sleep.  The 1st act was so very bad I almost fought the bouncers to get our money back.  Roxy said "oh fuck no, we ain't leaving til I see the Donkey".  Then "Donkey" comes out and they are seriously...onstage....going in...HARD....like, uncomfortably hard.  Like, maybe I don't want to see black folks fucking on stage.  Makes me think of circus freaks and shit and then I get all offended cuz we're in the Netherlands and then I'm over thinking as usual.  I mean we didn't LEAVE or anything like that....I was just thinking.


  1. just wanted to say (and if you could pass it on) how amazing the show was... i got the same feeling i got seeing prince sign o the time tour in 87.. sort of.. magic.. black music history rolled into 1 shining through every note he played and sung.. and the band.. its on another level. you don't find this in holland. we can appreciate it, but we don't have the culture...
    shame you came to amsterdam and saw a sex show.. amsterdam has an amazing history! next time maybe; gladly give you some tips! ;)
    anyhow... one more thing.. could d'angelo give me a few piano lessons? he uses chords and handles i can't figure out! (im a professional musician myself, and gladly travel to whereever in the world!) have a good further tour! love Adam

  2. The second show at Paradiso was mind boggling. Jesse Johnson, D himself, Pino, the other guitarist, that drummer... man those singers... wow wow wow wow wow. Please pass on compliments to the Amsterdam shop owner who dressed D so well, he looked amazing! Such a fab, cool look. It only added to the experience... a super show, by a super star and his band.