Thursday, January 26, 2012

And My Background Sang.....

Small slightly unknown fact about me....I have always wanted to be
A background singer. Started with Aretha Franklin.....possibly "Ain't no Way". I soon realized that no matter how hard I tried or studied "Ain't Know Way" I could sang. Oh in my head I sound good....I do runs and everything... But there's no way, sauf for a Bobby Brown Grammy appearance (and after several shots) could I truly do what the kids did tonight. They showed up. First world tour, first time out with D and they showed up. Our resident veteran Lady Kendra gave up the hair, the energy, the moves, the dancing....
Malcolm Little AKA "Red" gave I his all, headache and all. Jermaine better believe he was keeping up right next to Kendra and Tall Chocolate fine Rob was keeping them all in time. This is just the first show. I'm going to enjoy watching it  get better and better.

 I'm not ready to give any hints to the music's still evolving.
In a perfect world, what would you want to hear D play solo on the keyboards?


  1. D solo on keyboards. I'm thinking Africa, or maybe some Donny Hathaway...

  2. "Really Love Wit U (unreleased)", "So Far To Go", "The Root"

  3. Did he sing send it on? I'd also take The Root, Higher and i love his rendition of Everybody loves the sunshine!!! I am so happy right now lol

  4. Saw some footage on facebook from the Stockholm show. Dey killt it! I wanna see him solo on keys "Nothing Compares to You", or "With These Hands" or "Que Sera"....

  5. I'd love to hear him sing The Root and Smooth... Life would be complete for me if I heard him sing those 2 songs live.