Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Niggas WAS in Paris

I’m late.  I pulled yet another all-nighter….flew into Amsterdam and now back into the production office where the stalker from Stockholm awaits.  Plus what can I tell you about Paris that you didn’t see on Youtube.  I hope Youtube doesn’t ruin the show for anyone.  I was too enamored of the medley.  It was the first time he’s done it.  During soundcheck/rehearsals he was fidgeting around and playing whatever.  We called out a few….like, D’Angelo request line?  Seriously?  Does this job get better?  I mean other than sweaty hugs and kisses when walking off stage. Pierre Sarkozy – son of the president -  came by, De La Soul was in the house, Stephen Hill, Chris Webber.  People are literally flying from all over to come see these shows….and ya know what?  It’s worth it.  Every step of it is organic.  The beauty of building anything–children, plants, relationships–is to watch it grow . Creating the show and watching it mold.  I’m sure theater actors understand this too.  You see it from conception, something on paper, something you brainstorm with your buddies or whatever…and ultimately something you dream about.  Then all cumbersome, grueling, sometimes expensive, all-encompassing acts of executing said project.   And you smile at the end.  For one second.  And then you pretty much believe you can do anything. His medley sent chills up my spine…literally.  He is so amazingly talented.   Who steps out for a decade and comes back knowing how to play the guitar…well?  He’s the shit.  That’s what he does and what he knows.  He performs. He gives his all. I love the camaraderie of managing a project with people.  The team effort of it.  The never-ending support.  It’s a system.  It makes me proud.  Pretty simple and wonderful. He’s a giver that one.  The audience gives and he gave right back….so much as to be closer to them than the stage. And now his foot hurts. Tomorrow is a new day.  New MEDLEY….new music…new butterflies….

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