Saturday, January 28, 2012

Day 3 - Copenhagen - Ni$$as in Paris pt Une

I've come to enjoy writing my blog in the hotel lobby.  This one has an amazing piece of artwork in it.  I'm trying to get D down here so he can play this thing.  It's amazing.  If only we could have had THIS piano in Nashville 2000 - Loews Hotel lobby, Pinos birthday and D came downstairs and played "Sign O' The Times" cover to cover on piano with ?uestlove on drums - with an old fashioned glass.  I know Kelo has that footage somewhere.

But Alas we have no ?uesto and no Kelo...only this Euro trash DJ banging bizarre electro trance music in my head.   

The ride last night was from hell.  First it was freezing, then it was stifling, then we had to get on a fucking ferry...for 10 minutes.  And then we arrive to beautiful Copenhagen.

Wonderful rehearsal today...D worked the backgrounds to my utter delight and guess worked.  Way to lead the band man!  We're still in search of HIS solo....which is exciting.  Just throw anything out there man....I can't tell you all of the songs we HAVENT done....but suffice to say I have my own playlist that I play in the hotel room.  Artless, Roxanne and I had a sing-a-long to them last night until the 2nd bus driver told us to shut our pie holes in German.  I don't speak German but I can pretty much tell what shut your pie hole means.

I wore my 3rd hat on the tour tonight as Wardrobe Maven.  2 shows and its time to wash some funky clothes...everyone else throws their stuff in the bag....I collect Mr. Archers.  I lay out his wife beaters and rosaries...his hats and hang up his jacket.  And when the show is over....I give him the clean clothes to wear.  And now I need the dirty ones.....
"D....gimme yo pants"
"Scuse me?"
"I need your pants.  Can I take your pants?"
"Oh you can take my pants........lemme get your pants"
"I'm wearing a skirt"

But I digress......

So while THEY take the Amistad I and II through 3 countries for 16 hours, I'm flying my ass to 2nd home. I'm gonna happily wash all of the bands clothes.....and D's pants.

Some girls have all the luck.


  1. Send some photos,please.....I'm having flash back of when D toured last .... watching D work his band.....we were the last to tour him. Darryll Brooks

  2. Sounds amazing, thank you so much for the notes Tina! And that cover to cover performance of "Sign o' the Times"....just hearing about that made the hair on the neck of my back stand up. If audio or video of that performance ever made it to the public, I think I would explode.

    Thanks again for all of the great updates, it sounds like an absolutely unforgettable and historic experience. Here's hoping I can catch the show in the US!

  3. Thanks for posting, you know we're all jealous of you! Have an awesome tour.

  4. Pics from last night:
    Merci Tina for your notes... still 100% real in an 99% fake world, feels f**** good!!!!! Bonne chance with the rest of the tour and the many others to come!

  5. Soundin' hella happy to be doing some laundry! I get it. ;)

  6. Can't wait to see him here in the states! I feel like a kid at Christmas!