Thursday, January 26, 2012

Get him to the Filadelfia

He's officially in the hotel.  I walked him in and everything.  Max....the resident soul writer has set up camp in the lobby in hopes of finishing his interview from 12 years ago and to get more from Alan Leeds.  This is shaping up to be amazing....
All with the exception of the crazy stalker that won't leave me alone. STALK-ER. Some would be hustler who thinks he's responsible for all of these shows with a penchant for chewing his teeth with their last two braces from 2001.  He's gross.  And I had to stop at least 4 of the band/crew members from popping his ass in the hotel lobby.  I have a butter knife and I'm not afraid to use it.  It's pretty weird how he's still allowed to be here and harass me.  I see how women get raped and/or murdered.  Guys pacify shit.  Like I heard 5 times "it's obvious dude has a little crush on you".  Seriously?  Can we simplify noodle brains intentions any more?  That type of thinking is why i'm sitting in the lobby with a butter knife....looking equally as crazy.   Next stop....sound check.

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