Thursday, January 26, 2012

He Got on The Plane

Praise Jesus.  The block in my stomach is slowly unraveling.  I know once he gets on stage....once he finally makes it on the stage...he's gonna remember why he loved it all in the first place.  Since day 1 at rehearsals.....I've been hoping, praying for a spot on this tour.  Oh sure I've done the Peas, Nicki, Wayne....all for much more money...tis true...,but nothing has moved my soul quite like is 12 year sabbatical..,and any possible return , I wanted apart of the action.

Of a minion, it's not easy to keep my mouth shut...I mean since i know everything and all....but I try...and hopefully is till have a friend in Alan Leeds after this.  Greatest tour manager I know and Mentor.  He's one of the originals here.
Pino Palladino...the other love of my life from a past doing his thing...moisturizing loins everywhere with every slap of that bass.  Lou...choreographer....Mark Jenkins.,.the original "Untitled" body  sculptor, and Roxanne girl....the hair stylist.....loving her like no other.

Some of my cohorts for years past - Martin Thomas as Production manager and lighting director.
Artless Poole, my brother and front of house sound engineer.
Kenny Nash - phillys own monitor engineer.
Sean Woods - who We know from Jill
And David Rule who has the best name next to Curtis Battles.

Then there's the newbies:
Chris Dave - Rick Rubins favorite drummer - sacrilegious I know.....
Ray Angry - our boy from the Roots who's subbing for Cleo Pookie Sample..,gotta love a nigga named Pookie.
Jesse Johnson, who's a beast but had another commitment so we have Jef Lee Johnson....killing it....
Sharkey on guitar who I'm waiting to bust out.  He's quiet and plays his position but I heard him do som Spanish guitar during rehearsal today...I know he can rock it.

We have our background vocals.....note that I was around with Anthony Hamilton and Shelby Johnson... So I expect a ton from these youngins.  Now I know they can sang....I know this...,but I'm a snobby high falootin we gon' see......I'm waiting to be impressed.  Yeah I said it.

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  1. Yaaaay Tina! I know Ray Angry from Howard, but when I ran into when I was singing with Rapahel at Red Star he was a complete asshole. The lineup sounds great though, and HE GOT ON THE PLANE! Yaaaaaa!