Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blame Canada.....

Fucking Canada. If I never have to go over this border again it will be too soon. It sucks badly. We have a few people who have indiscretions. Ones that they didn't even disclose. Everything searched. I've been here for 3 hours and I still have 3 buses behind me. They turned the bus upside down. They turned my bags inside out. They asked me what my chick meds were. They asked me about my vitamins. They broke Talents shoes. And the boys on the bus ...half of them outraged that they were checked. "They may as well called us niggas!" Are you kidding me? We have got to get over that shit. It's ridiculous. Canada don't let nobody cross over the border without checking their every crevice. We cannot be 1 week from inauguration and still have our heads in Jim Crow. We ain't never even seen Jim Crow. It's amazing to me how being "hood" keeps you sheltered. Things you get a slap on the wrist for in the US are huge deals in other countries..."we don't want to deal with someone like you here. Your intentions." And I'm torn. I had to explain to him that some socioeconomic issues in our country lead people down a path that seems totally normal to them, but maybe not normal to the rest of the world. And that still wasn't a good excuse. "Of course, but that's why we don't want you in here." What argument can I have with that? I completely understand that. It's unfortunate that we are allowed to carry guns. It's unfortunate that we are allowed to do a lot of things. I always say, jail is filled with some dumb mu'uh fuckas and some accidents. It's unfortunate that dumb mu'uh fuckas make it worse for the rest and allow more accidents. If shit is illegal, it just is. Why try to fight city hall? We ain't marching on Washington here folks, I mean really.

Then again, I think everyone is sexist, so....whatreyagonnado?

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