Saturday, January 3, 2009

infomercials & Law & Order

Don't think tour managing is all traveling and a bed of roses.  When I get back to the hotel, I often find myself watching Law & Order.  I watch it in the hotel when I check in during the day.  I watch it in the dressing room on the monitor in between T Pain's Circus and Weezy's Lollipop.  And then when I get back into the hotel, when I should be sleeping and not watching tv, Facebook or catching up on my other 6 jobs, it's that gotdamn Mariska Hartigay ( though she gets props for being Jane Mansfields daughter),  that gotdamn Ice Cube (Coco...need I say more?) and ....infomercials.  Those gotdamn infomercials always catch me.  My latest purchase?  Meaningful Beauty.  I'm just gonna say it.  Whatever Cindy Crawford uses, I want it.  And I'm saying it as a black woman with good skin.  White Women, you better check this shit out.  Cindy Crawford is banging.  I've seen her up in her face, no airbrush, and that bitch is banging.  Get your $30 + shipping and handling out and at least try the shit.  I'm just saying.  Cindy Crawford ought to be yawls fearless leader.  Look at her neck!  She has mad kids!  What?  I dunno.  Stop playing and jump on it. I'm going to use it.  And I'll tell you how it works for me.  She ain't even paying me, I'm just saying.  She's my favorite white girl in her 40's and she's better jump on the train and jump off the surgery trail.  It just looks like you had surgery.


  1. Coco - your favorite wigger. I thought I was your favorite wigger?

  2. I did not say "favorite wigger".
    Wigger's be so sensitive. I should hold a wigger award show, like the Source Awards only....hmmm, the, damn, what's a good wigger publication? Like FADER AWARDS, or GIANT AWARDS....some shit like that.