Monday, January 5, 2009

I Woke Up Feeling Perfect

"I drank a vat of red wine and woke up feeling perfect."
One of my most favorite best friends marked this quote.  I love it.  Just came back from an after party where I worked more than I partied.  Not true.  I partied and then I worked.  I didn't mean to work, it's just in me.

We were drinking to pass the time, forget about lovers, to our favorite song.  Alcohol and boredom.  I tell you, on the road, you eat shit and drank. Oh yes, and I heard the best line I've ever heard..."You are my pivotal Love Goddess."  That shit was deep.  I like when men can reinvent their played out ass lines and come up with some new adjectives and shit.  

How often do we wake up feeling "perfect"?  That is an amazing concept, what with all of the people of the world hell bent on being stressed the fuck out.  I know, I'm one of them.  But waking up with no hangover?  And hangover don't just mean alcohol, I mean bullshit.  Feeling perfect?  Sheeet, count your lucky stars when you can say that shit.  I'm beginning to think life is "the joyful endurance of suffering."  Like shit's gon' happen so you'd be better looking at happy as a gift vs expecting it?  I'm not saying walk around with your head down and then trip over a cup of happy and be all..."fuck yeah!", I mean not taking everything so personal.  If you can do that.  Though it sounds like some super hero shit to me.

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