Thursday, January 29, 2009


I was discussing with a friend of mine the 10 hour rule. He told me he doesn't generally plan past 10 hours, which for me, the consummate OVER planner, is a grave issue. It drives me mad. I thought he was a nutcase when he told me. I bitched about it to my friends. I may have called him a bad word or two. But the fact is, my control-freakness is such a problem that I hyper ventilate sometimes, tis true. Everyone knows. It's cool. So someone who I'm learning to respect more and more daily, even though he is a surfer, tells me last week, "why are you worried about it? you know shit changes. It's 10 days never know what will happen." So I turned to the surf and did my meditation, and I shit you not, not 12 hours later, the muthafucka who's made my life miserable got canned. Patience IS my journey. He's fuckin' Nostradamus that one.

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