Monday, January 12, 2009

Lovely Day

Yesterday I had the great opportunity of attending one of my bosses wedding. She looked INCREDIBLE. The winery was massive and beautiful. The Malibu day was....extraordinarily warm, even the Santa Ana's were merely giving our hair and trains the backdrop needed for our gowns.

The day started with me waking up at 5:15 am to catch a direct flight to LA. The flight was on time, in fact I got into LA at 9 am. We didn't know where we were going as it was all undisclosed. We'd also just found out that we had to be in ready by 2 pm.

A van picked us up from the hotel and took us to another designated parking spot...and then THAT van picked us up and we all rode together to the vineyard. I did not know that Malibu had a vineyard. THE most beautiful house. Although my friend has a beautiful house across the way. They are beautiful and different. The backyard cascaded down a gorge almost. Papparrazi some how , as they do, got the jump on us....helicopters were circling everywhere overhead. Unless I cannot see, I did not notice that many celebs. I was with my buddy Bobbie Ritchie, but he was the biggest star other than Fergie, I think. Slash, Josh, Mario Lopez and the Peas. I didn't see anyone else that the tabloids say, but we are all pretty familial so that would make sense. I had the best time with our band and dancers. Josh created a hilarious video, Kid Rock told porn jokes and there was a decent jam session that followed with Kid Rock, Slash and Bucky Jonson.

There is always the point at the wedding when the family asks you "when are you going to get married" , "do you have a life?", "you work so hard".... In this instance it was Her family. My short tenure with the camp has afforded me the privilege to meet her ENTIRE family. She's like black people with all her mad cousins and step families on either side. And the women....are amazing. All of these strong women who lead "normal" lives and yet did not have the same old played out advice I've been getting since I was 25, "whenever you decide to settle down, it will happen." What does that mean to a person who keeps an extra pair of clothes in their computer bag and glove compartment, cuz ya never know. Instead this one particular family member stopped me to have this conversation actually moved me. She asked me did I have a life and what I would need to do to carve out one for myself.  And how strong I was and could move mountains so not to be afraid.   It's not that I haven't been thinking about this for years, I just never thought I'd turn 36 and still be thinking about it. The next woman, our publicist - the hardest working publicist I've ever know,  said it's never the right time and when it happens you just deal with it and keep it moving. I never knew that when the time came TO think about it, it would hit me in the face almost every day. Fuck. I've been so good at avoiding it. Fortunately for my psyche , good old Bobbie swung in right on time with a a glass. Looked like apple juice! I was such a fucking lady!!

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